Monday, November 21, 2011

Work & Riding

My day: 
5:30 AM - Wake up. Slam coffee.
6:30 AM - Auto-pilot to work.
7:00 AM - Get to work, breath a sigh of relief that I made it safely, sit down at cubicle and stare at the screen for 20 minutes w/no brain function.
4:15 PM - Answer the question "can you do this 1 quick thing before you leave" while I'm putting my coat on.
4:30 PM - That "one quick thing" is going to take 3 hours, but boss makes that 'noise' when he see's me start to pack up.
5:00 PM - run screaming from cubicle and peel out of parking lot, laughing manically.
5:30 PM - Get to Barn (heaven) and sit in car for 10 minutes while trying to regain sanity.
5:15 PM - Slowly relax as I groom Ava... .
6:00 PM - ride Ava.
7:30 PM - Realize how late it is, panic... put Ava up. Delay at stall.. pet Ava. delay. One last pat. delay, refill her already full water bucket. delay. 
8:00 PM - sit outside house for 10 minutes while reliving every detail of the ride. Silly grin plastered on face.
9:30 PM -Fall into bed and snore.

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