Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year in Review, Or, Our First Year Together!

What a fantastic year!

This year has been a bit rough, but overall it's been fun. I started out the year petrified of riding, and horses in general, and can honestly say I'm now only slightly petrified. hahaha. I even walked out into a herd of mammoth horses (every one of them over 16 hands) and stood there while they sniffed me. This, if you know me, was a HUGE accomplishment (Hi Jane!). Considering that for the longest time I couldn't even walk into the pasture to get Ava out if another horse was in there, regardless of how well behaved all the horses were... I think I've come a long way.

Also, I'm no longer scared to ride Ava outside (and by ourselves)! We even took a walk around the back field a few weeks ago, just Ava and me.  We intend to explore a great deal more... as soon as the weather gets better.

So long story short, I'm dang proud of myself for not allowing fear to stop me from doing something I love.  Even on those day's where fear got the better of me, and I just couldn't bring myself to ride (or step in the pasture with all the horses), you forgive yourself and try again the next day.

I'm not always good with the organizing my thoughts on paper, so instead I made a video. This is a "Year in Review", with a progression of our riding from the very first day to just last week. Please remember that in November of last year, I'd only been back on a horse for about 4 months.  Hopefully you can see some progress. :)

Thank you!


  1. Lovely! Your sitting trot is so nice ... sigh. :0)

  2. Speedy - Thank you! She gets smoother the more she uses her back. You'll notice there aren't any shots of me sitting the trot earlier in the year. It's because I look like a drunken sailor on a binge drink. :)