Sunday, July 31, 2011


I just bought a dressage saddle for $50 bucks. Haha. The lady said it was a 1998 Stateline saddle. I've never heard of that manufacturer before (that's not saying much). If it fits Ava, maybe it'll be my backup saddle. If it doesn't, I'm sure my trainer wouldn't mind a free schooling saddle for her kids.

I wish I had the money to buy a good, newer saddle. I love my County (it's from 1992), but it seems built for a much taller person. No matter how much I work on heel, hip, shoulder alignment, my thighs always slide forward. There's a nice groove in the flap that is perfect for a taller woman's thigh to sit in. My thighs (to sit correctly) lay against a buldge in the flap. My trainer, who is much taller than me, loves my saddle. However, I am always in chair position with that saddle... no matter what I do.

Interesting article on saddle fitting:

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