Friday, June 15, 2012

Ava's Siblings

Just for fun, I was checking out Ava's siblings. I'll include some info on her Sire here as well. We might not have any relatives in the Olympics, but looks like some of them are doing well for themselves.

Vanyel (Ava's Sire)
A purebred son of the Dutch qualified stallion, Laes. Stood 16.3hh.
2002 USDF Region 4 Champion Mature Stallion

Below are Ava's half siblings (same Sire).

Monteto is competing at Intermediare 1, and in May 2012 recieved a 62.632. I found some very impressive pictures online, but they're copyright protected so you'll have to visit the link to see them.!i=916647476&k=Ue8ER

CenterlineScores for Monteto:

AAA Vanity
AAA Vanity is competing at Third Level. Maybe not knocking it out of the ball park, but some respectable scores.

Here's a video from 2010 for Second Level:

Participated in last years Great American/USDF Region 4 Championships & Midwest Regional Championships and recieved a 66.129% at First Level Test 3.

Diamond's Vanity

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