Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well... I have been informed today that dressage is memorizing patterns. I did not know that. hmm. Learn something new every day I guess.

Apparently, by memorizing these patterns I will achieve Grand Prix with my mare. Who knew it was this easy?! Crap... I've been doing this all wrong for so long now.  All this time wasted with straightness and engagement.  I should've just memorized the Grand Prix test.... I could've been showing at the Olympics already. Why didn't people tell me this sooner!!!
Robert Dover

... memorizing test now.......

Enter A collected canter.
Halt - Immobility - salute.
Proceed in collected trot.

Here are the tests... I'll see all of you at GP this summer!

Again, I'm caught with my jaw hanging, and no suitable response. After being told that this is why she doesn't do dressage (she jumps), I quipped back "that's why I don't jump. All those patterns of jumps to memorize".



  1. Well that's obviously a load of crap. I have my two current tests memorized, but I am still not scoring in the 80s. Somethings wrong with that logic!

    1. Darn it all.. I had convinced myself that the reason I didn't get a 70% was because I hadn't memorized the tests. Oh well.. I'm terrible at memorizing those anyway. I'm always tooling around, doing my own thing, while the judge is furiously ringing that annoying little bell.

  2. Well it's like how horse racing is simply galloping a horse duh.... LOL Okay totally kidding there

    1. Totally agree, Logan. :)

      Ironically, I was telling the hubby about this the other day, and he just stared at me with a blank look. I'm sure he was thinking "but... it IS just patterns".